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1.            WORKING HOURS 

1.1             The Library shall remain open on all working days from 9.00 am to 5pm.

1.2             The Text Book Section of the Central Library will normally remain open till 12 midnight during academic session. Timings for Saturday, Sunday and Holidays will be 9 am to 5pm, which may be extended as per directive of the competent authority.    

1.3             The Loan Counter shall be closed half an hour before the closing of the Library. 

2.            MEMBERSHIP 

2.1       The following are entitled to enroll themselves as members:

(a)    Students of the University;

(b)    Teaching, Non-Teaching, Academic and Library Staff of the University;

(c)    Special members.

2.1.1       The students of the University shall be enrolled as members of the Library after filling up the prescribed application form and on producing the Identity Card issued by the Deanís Office.

2.1.2       The teachers shall be eligible for enrollment as members of the Library on their submitting the prescribed membership form duly endorsed by the Dean of the Faculty concerned.

2.1.3       The non-teaching staff shall be eligible for enrollment as members of the Library on their submitting the prescribed membership application form duly recommended by the respective controlling Officer.

2.1.4       The special members i.e. those who are not directly connected with the university but want to avail of the library facilities shall be enrolled after submitting application and are duly introduced by the Dean/Head of Department concerned of the university. They shall be allowed to consult books/journals in the library. They shall also be given photocopying service on payment basis.

2.1.5       The students shall renew their tickets at the beginning of each Academic year.

2.1.6       A member who has lost a Borrower Ticket shall request in writing for duplicate card to the Librarian. The Member shall pay a fee of Rs. 100/ for each Duplicate Ticket required which may be enhanced from time to time.

2.1.7       For the withdrawal of his/her security deposit, the special members shall inform the Library in writing at least one week in advance. 


3.1             All persons may be allowed admission to the library provided that the Librarian may at his discretion refuse admission if he considers a person either of unsound mind, intoxicated or otherwise shabbily dressed. The decision of the Librarian or the next senior officer of the library in the absence of the Librarian shall be final in this matter.

3.2             Every person who enters the library shall sign the gate register in token of his acceptance to adhere to the rules of the library.

3.3             Membership/Identity Card is to be shown at the entrance, at the Service Counter or within the library premises, when requested.

3.4             All personal belongings except purses and notebooks shall not be allowed to be carried with the readers beyond the issue counter. These shall be deposited at the property counter.

3.5             The readers shall keep silence within the library premises.

3.6             Smoking and spitting are prohibited except in the special spots and rooms provided for this purpose.

3.7             No reader is allowed to sleep in the library premises. The defaulter may be refused the use of the library or his registration may be cancelled.

3.8             Readers are requested not to write or mark or otherwise disfigure and damage books, furniture, etc. In case of any damage being done, the person responsible will be punished as per university rules and also required to replace the article damaged or pay its replacement cost. 

4.            LOAN PRIVILEGE 

4.1             The members are entitled to take books on loan at the following            scale:

            (a) Undergraduate Students                               2 books

            (b) Masterís Degree Students                            3    ,,   

            (c) Ph. D. Students                                            4    ,,

            (d) Teachers                                                     5    ,,

            (e) Readers                                                       6    ,,

            (f) Professors                                                   8    ,,

(g) Senior Library and Administrative Staff

(Class-I and above)                               5    ,,

(h) Other administrative staff                              3    ,,

(i)  Special Members                                         2    ď   

(j) Non-teaching staff will not be allowed to borrow                                                           textbook.     

4.2             Members shall be responsible for any loss/damage which the library may suffer through the loss or misuse of Readersí tickets. 

5.            CONDITIONS OF LOAN

5.1.           The books shall be issued to borrowers for a period of ten days.

5.2.           Books on loan shall be returned on due date from the date of issue.

5.3.           Readersí tickets are not transferable.

5.4.           Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of books before borrowing.

5.5.           Manuscripts, reference works, rare books, reproduction materials, maps, periodical publications and microfilms shall not ordinarily be issued on loan.

5.6.           An over due charges will be realized from the users in case the books are returned late. The charges are automatically calculated by the library software as per the fine calculation table displayed on the notice boards from time to time.

5.7.           Book(s) taken out of the library reading rooms in an unauthorized manner, issued from Reserved books/Text books section shall be fined Rs.50/= per day which may be revised from time to time. After the expiry of one month, defaulter shall be required to pay the price of the book plus overdue charges.

5.8.           Members who repeatedly fail to return books on the due date may be debarred from Membership of the Library.

5.9.           Borrowers shall be responsible for the safe custody and return of books. When a book is lost or mutilated by a reader, he/she shall have to replace the book by its latest edition or pay the cost of its latest edition plus 20% processing charges.

5.10.       If a member does not pay off the library dues, the privilege of borrowing books may be suspended to till he/she deposits the requisite amount.

5.11.       The Librarian shall have the power to refuse the issue of a book to any member or he may recall any book without assigning any reason therefor.

5.12.       Late fine charge against the defaulter may be condoned/reduced in exceptional condition. The defaulter shall be asked to submit certificate of sickness or other genuine ground due to which he/she could not attend classes and accordingly, could not return the book in due date.


6.1.           Library cooperation will be extended in the following cases:

(a)    On the request of the other universities, Research Institutions, Educational Institutions and well-established libraries the books, publications and other materials belonging to Jamia Hamdard Central Library may be issued on Inter Library Loan basis subject to getting the same cooperation from the other side too.

(b)    The HMS Central Library may extend cooperation in providing Practical Training to the students of Library Science on the recommendation/request by their recognized institutes.

(c)    The HMS Central Library may also extend professional cooperation in providing expert advice to the libraries of other institutes/colleges and/or universities.

(d)    Recognized institutional member(s) of DELNET can become members to get books on inter-library loan system. 

7.            GENERAL 

7.1.           Members shall keep the library informed of any change of address during the period of his/her Membership.

7.2.           Members shall keep the library informed immediately in case of loss of book or other material borrowed from the library.

7.3.           The Librarian at his discretion may grant special permission to any member to borrow books on such conditions as he may specify in each case.

7.4.           While in the library, all the persons shall observe the rules and procedures of the library and submit to the discipline enforced by the Librarian.

7.5.           Conversation, talking, sleeping, smoking, loitering and use of mobile phones shall not be allowed in the library.

7.6.           Special privileges may be extended to a Member if they are considered necessary by the Vice Chancellor.

7.7.           All members of the teaching, non-teaching staff, students, research scholars, adhoc, temporary, contractual, visiting and guest teachers and others are required to obtain clearance from the library before leaving the university. Students shall be required to obtain clearance from the library before issuance of their Hall-Tickets (Admit Cards) at the time of final examination and before taking their degrees, diplomas and certificates.


The Library Rules may be altered or amended or new rules may be added to the existing ones by the Library Committee from time to time without notice to the members and these rules or any alterations or amendments to them shall be effective and binding on all concerned. A copy of the rules will be made available when asked for.






Modalities for Utilization of Book Bank Facility: 

The Book Bank established in HMS Central Library, Jamia Hamdard is providing additional borrowing facilities to economically weaker students of the university. The facility has been made further strengthened from January 2004, as per the recommendation of NAAC Team. 

In order to streamline the activities of Book Bank following procedures will be followed: 

1.            Eligibility criteria 

The Deans of faculties/DSW will identify and recommend names of students having weaker economic background to the University Librarian at the beginning of the academic session.

Later on the names of general students may also be recommended by Deans/HODs of the faculties/depts. who may be considered on first come first serve basis if there are more books available for loan in the Book Bank. 

2.      Entitlement 

Number of books may be borrowed by each student will be as under: 

Diploma/Certificate            1 title            only                

Under-graduate                 2 titles           only                

Post-graduate                   3 titles only                                                                                           

3.  How to register 

The students shall submit applications in the prescribed format to be downloaded from the university website/web notice board (www.jamiahamdard.ac.in). The application forms duly recommended by the respective Deans/DSW will be submitted in the office of University Librarian for his approval. 

4.  Lending practice

The issue of books will be carried out strictly according to first come first serve basis. 

5. Borrowing period 

Books will be issued for whole semester in the beginning of each academic session (July & January).  

6.      Lending schedule

The Book Bank Section will notify the lending schedule on the notice boards of the Central Library and also web notice board for various courses in each semester. 

7.      Exchange/return of books

There will be no exchange of the book(s) once issued from Book Bank. However, book(s) may be returned before the due date. The Book Bank shall accept return of books at its counter on each working Monday between 10 a.m. to 12 noon. 

8.      Books check-out/check-in 

Check-out and check-in of books will be accepted from the Book Bank located on the 2nd Floor, Central Library. However, the Library reserves its right to demand the return of any book(s) before time in case of urgent requirements. 

9.            Books liability 

Safe custody of the book(s) borrowed by a student from Book Bank is the total responsibility of the student concerned. Damaged books will not be accepted for check-in. In such cases, the students will have to pay the total cost of the books or he/she may be asked to replace it with the latest edition available in the market. Similarly, the book(s) lost has to be replaced or the current cost be paid in cash. In case of a set, if any particular volume is reported lost, the whole set will have to be replaced or the current cost be realized. 

10. Library Online Catalogue

The total bibliographic data with location aids has been provided on-line on the library OPAC as well as the Web OPAC. Students are expected to fill in the required particulars of the books, etc. (Title, Author, Call No.) on the requisition form. 






Name of the Student: __________________________________________________ 

Class:_____________ Semester/Session:_____________ Library ID:___________ 

Details of the books required: 

            Author                                   Title                                        Call No.      Acc. No. 





Signature of the student

Recommended by DSW/Dean of the Faculty with Stamp.


Permission of the University Librarian:___________________________________



Number of Books Issued:______________________ Date ____________________ 

Number of Books Returned: ___________________ Date ____________________ 

Remarks: ____________________________________________________________ 


Signature of Dealing Staff


University Librarian