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Central Instrumentation Facility

Central Instrument Facility was established in July 1990 with the installation of L7 Backman Ultra-centrifuge, Sorval Rt-6000 Low speed centrifuge, DU-64 Backman UV-VIS Spectrometer, Perkin-Elmer 8700 Gas Chromatograph, Perkin-Elmer HPLC and Mettler electronic balance. In year 1992, gamma-counter, ßeta-counter and DNA Electrophoresis systems were added to the CIF. Recently, Perkin-Elmer Lambda-20 Double-beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Perkin-Elmer LS-50 Luminescence spectrometer, Bio-rad FT-IR spectrometers and Mini-computer facility comprising of eight computers, Internet and e-mail facilities have been included in CIF.

The objective of CIF is to provide state-of-art sophisticated instrumentation facility to the researchers of Jamia Hamdard, in addition, to train the Ph.D. and M.Pharm/M.Sc.. students on various equipments. Jamia Hamdard research students operate instruments themselves for their experiments. This training strengthens their theoretical concept and makes them confident in facing interviews for jobs and carryout post doctoral research work. Many Ph.D. students, use CIF during late hours and on week ends to complete their experiments. Nearly 50 Ph.D. students and more than 150 M.Pharm. students have used CIF during 1990-1999.