About Faculty Development Program (FDP)-2018 on Data Analytics

Today’s world is greatly impacted by the technology and the rapid technological changes. It is increasingly being consumed at both the business and individual levels. The same applies to the data analytics technologies too. Analytics is one of the fastest growing practice and a great surge in demand has led to rise in rewards for professionals in this field. Data analysts, with the right set of skill sets and expertise, are in demand in a wide range of industries where business are realizing the potential of enabling analytics in their organization. Some of the industries are: medical/healthcare, manufacturing, finance, retail and e-commerce, IT, etc.

Exploring business analytics needs the right focus, right technology, right people, right culture and top management commitment. One needs to acquire a particular skill-set to succeed in a business analytics career. Inquisitiveness, interpretation skills, thorough understanding of tools and methods, ability to do in-depth research and quantitative skills are vital to excel in the subject

Sensing the need to create a workforce that understands the field and is trained to tackle the complex issues related to data analytics; Jamia Hamdard is organizing Faculty Development Program in the month of January. The objective of the Faculty Development Program on Data Analytics is to provide a unique opportunity to the participants from academia and industry to discuss the concepts, applications, challenges, and discuss prospects in the field of Data Analytics.

The program will cover various aspects of Data Analytics.