Faculty of Nursing Jamia Hamdard was established in 1983 by Late Hakim Abdul Hameed Sahib with DGNM programme. In the year 1994 the faculty started with the B.Sc. (Hons) Nursing programme and another milestone was achieved by starting M.Sc Nursing programme in the year 2008.

Since then,hundreds of students have passed and been recruited at the best hospitals  all over India and abroad as well .Through their skilled performance,they have established high reputation and are highly demanded for recruitment in the top most hospitals of Delhi and other states as well .

An Alumni association is an association of graduates or more broadly of former students.The association often organizes social events, publishes news letters or magazines and raises funds for the organization fropm time to Time

Since Rufaida College of Nursing has been one of the foundation stone of the university, It
has been felt that we need to form an alumni association to strenthen the relationship of alumni and college and also provide a better networking for the nurse professionals for future.


To provide  quality nursing education and prepare humane and competent global nursing professionals capable of rendering highest level of quality patient care and  make contribution towards education and research in the field of Nursing


To create an institution of national and international repute in Nursing and Midwifery, offering state of the art education, entailing the finest skills with compassionate patient care


We believe that nursing education programme prepares its graduates to become exemplary citizen by adhering to code of ethics and professional conduct at all times in fulfilling personal, social and professional obligations so as to respond to national aspiration and benefiting the nation and profession

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  • Vice-Chencellor

    DR .G. N. QAZI

    The Faculty of Nursing has been growing steadily in all the facets in its existence since its inception. The overall progress has been excellent in terms of improvement in maintaining quality education, co-curricular activities as well as in placement. I am glad that the faculty has made great efforts towards launching of its Alumni Association which I am sure would provide a vibrant learning environment that combines academic rigour with intense exposure to cross learning and guidance through interaction. It indeed gives me great pleasure to be the patron of Angel’s Association

  • Registrar

    (PRESIDENT)- Angels ASssociation

    I am happy to learn that Faculty of Nursing has formed an Alumni Association. The association has the potential to be of great professional benefit to the students of past as well as present.
    In fact the university is envisaging alumni association at university level .The work has already started in this direction. The Faculty has always been interactive and participating at various fora at inter-university level and the students have claimed many prizes outside the university as well.
    Hoping the association will prove to be a platform of cross learning and beneficial for the alumni and institution as well, I wish Angels’ association all the best and a great future ahead.


  • Principal


    Nurses constitutes the largest workforce in health care system and are the integral part of the system .It was our dream to establish the Alumni association and I am delighted to share that under the guidance of our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. G. N.Qazi, the process has been initiated and the alumni of Rufaida College of Nursing has shown tremendous interest in  laying foundation of Alumni Association. An alumni association is an association of graduates or more broadly of former students.The association often organizes social events, publishes news letters or magazines and raises funds from time to time. The institutions also provide a variety of benefits and services that help the alumni to maintain their Interaction to their institution and fellow alumni.

    Expecting a lifelong interaction and relationship among the Alumni Members and the institution, I welcome all the graduated students here at Angels’ association, Rufaida College of Nursing, Jamia Hamdard.