Library Services

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Library Services

Quality of library depends upon its services. It does not depend on its huge resources, big building and large number of employees. In order to provide maximum possible services with the present infra-structure Jamia Hamdard library has planned its services in two modes:

  • Conventional mode
  • Online mode

Conventional Services

Under conventional mode library is providing

  • Circulation service
  • Reference service
  • Reprographic service
  • Bibliographic service on demand
  • Inter-library loan
  • Press Clipping service
  • Art and Calligraphic service
  • Binding service, etc. top

Library Services Online

Under online mode library is providing

Jamia Hamdard library provides access to Online journals , which are free against the subscriptions. Any users in the Campus, who are connected with Campus Network having INTERNET and INTRANET connectivity may access these Online journals.

JAMIA Hamdard Library has been a member of DELNET(Developing Library Network) since 2004. All the teaching staff, research scholars, students and others are making use of the services rendered by DELNET.

The complete database of the library is available world wide on the INTERNET through Web OPAC . Any user from any part of the world may access our database by visiting the JAMIA Hamdard Web Site and