Estab/LD/1043 Aug,02,2022
Office Order reg. CIF-TEM Charges Aug,18,2022
Office Order (Prof. Iqbal Alam)  
D.No. Estab/LD/504 April,26,2022
Dr. Musarat Fatima (Office Order) April,12,2022
Dr. M. Jamshed (Office Order) April,12,2022
regarding opening of Jamia Hamdard Campus for different Academic Programmes on offline mode. Feb,16,2022
Circular reg. Reopening of Jamia Hamdard Feb,16,2022
Dr. Sohrab Jan,28,2022
Dr. Ruchi Jan,28,2022
Dr. Nishat Jan,28,2022
University Order Jan,10 2022
D.No. Estab/LD/1098 NOV,05,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/1071 Oct,28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/1044 Oct,22,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/913,916,917 Sep,22,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/904,905,906,896 Sep 17,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/860 Sep 10,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/855 Sep 09,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/858 Sep 09,2021
Office order IP Management Advisory committee Aug 26,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ Aug 03,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ July 28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ July 28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ July 28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/603 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/06 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/72 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/585 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/513 Jun 30,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/432 Jun 07,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/56 Jan 21,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/57 Jan 21,2021
University Order Regarding Drivers and Workers  engaged by the University Staff.   

D.No. Estab/LD/109

Feb 05,2021
LTC and medical reimbursement

D.No. Estab/LD/105

Feb 05,2021