Notification reg. NEP Coordinator/Nodal Officer JH February,26,2024
Circular regarding Dr. Saleh Ahmed Mozumder February,23,2024
Circular regarding Submission of Active Duty Report with UMS Attendance Timesheet Report February,21,2024
Office Order of Reg. MACPS - Jamia Hamdard February,20,2024
CIRCULAR- Sports & Cultural Week 2024 February,19,2024
Notification- Appointment of Prof. Manju Sharma, as HoD, Pharmacology February,14,2024
Notification- Constitution of Board of Studies - CESD February,14,2024
Notification- Sports and Cultural week core committee February,13,2024
Circular - Organizing of Sports and Cultural Week 2024 February,13,2024
Office Order Reg. Ms. Nusrat Jahan February,12,2024
Office Order Reg. Dr. Faezah Roohani February,12,2024
Deposit of Fee of UG/PG Medical programmes of students of Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research-HIMSR, Jamia Hamdard February,6,2024
Office_Order dt 05.02.2024 Reg. Campus Entry Restrictions of Prof.Mridu Dudeja February,6,2024
Office Order Reg. Completion of tenure of Dr. G. N. Qazi January,30,2024
Office Order Reg. Appointment of Mr. Mushtaq A. Zargar Advisor (Finance) in Jamia Hamdard,New Delhi January,30,2024
JH Office Order dt. 29.01.2024 reg. Mr. Javed Naseem, HES January,30,2024
Office Order- Regarding the Suspension of Dr. Mridu Dudeja, HIMSR January,30,2024
Office Order Disengagement of Mr. Priyansh Choudhry January,30,2024
Office Order Disengagemnt of Mr. K.L.Agarwal January,30,2024
Notice Reg. Bank Accounts Details for Deposit of Sale proceeds/ Receipts/OPD FEES Registtration charges etc. of HAHC & its Pharmacy January,30,2024
Prohibiting HIMSR Jamia Hamdard Staff from attending meeting January,30,2024
Notification for Constitution of Advisory Committee for HAH CIT January,30,2024
Office Order regarding cash collection HAHC Hospital & its pharmacy January,29,2024
Revised Notification regarding half day leave on 22.01.2024 January,29,2024
Office Order dt. 19.01.2024 reg. disengagement of service of Mr. M.H. Zahidi January,29,2024
Office Order Prohibiting HIMSR Jamia Hamdard Staff from attending meeting January,29,2024
Notification Allotment rules January,29,2024
Notification- Grant of extension of contractual tenure of teaching staff posted at HIMSR/HAH Centenary Hospital, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi-reg January,29,2024
Office Order Extension of Contractual Employees of HIMSR January,24,2024
Notification regarding Reconstitution of the Committee for Scientific and International Collaboration January,24,2024
Letter regarding Vacation of the Chamber of the Dean, HIMSR by Dr. Mridu Dudeja, Deptt. of Microbiology, HIMSR, JH (Ref. Notification of even No. 03, dated 3rd January, 2024) January,24,2024
Office Order Prohibiting HIMSR Jamia Hamdard Staff from attending meeting January,23,2024
Office Order Diciplinary Proceeding January,23,2024
CIRCULAR Reg, 75 Republic Day Celebration January,22,2024
Notification In pursuance of DOPT OM F:No.12/7/2023-JCA dated 18-01-2024, Jamia Hamdard January,19,2024
Notification regarding Adoption of payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 for the employees of Jamia Hamdard January,19,2024
Notification Reg, Re-Constitution of Proctorial Committee January,16,2024
Notification Reg.-Unnat Bharat January,16,2024
Notification Reg. MBBS exam January,16,2024
Appointment of Cultural Coordinator January,16,2024
Re-constitution of various academic and administrative committees January,16,2024
Office Order Reg. Prof Shakir Ali January,11,2024
Notification Constitution of Planning & Development Cell January,11,2024
Notification for Constitution of Advisory Committee for HAH CIT January,11,2024
Notification Appointment of NSS Coordinators of Jamia Hamdard January,11,2024
Notification Re-constitute of various club committees. January,11,2024
Notification Reconstitution of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) January,11,2024
JH Notice to all Banks reg. opening bank account of HIMSR & HAHC Hospital January,11,2024
Notice Regarding compliance of 2nd Amendment in UGC Regulations January,05,2024
Notification Reg appointment of Prof. Khaja Naseeruddin as Dean, HIMSR January,03,2024
Circular Estab LD 1765 December,29,2023
Circular Estab LD 1766 December,29,2023
Notification - List of Holidays for the Year 2024 December,22,2023
Office Order- 1732 Regarding BAMS_231222_200744. December,22,2023
Notification dt. 13.12.2023 reg. University Calendar 2023-24 December,22,2023
BoS Dept. of Food Tech, SIST December,22,2023
Office Order Regarding BAMS December,22,2023
Notification dt. 13.12.2023 reg. University Academic Calendar 2023-24 December,20 ,2023
Mr. Digvijay Singh (Office Order) December,18 ,2023
Prof. Asim Ali Khan (Office Order) December,08 ,2023
Mr. Ajab Singh (Office Order) December,05 ,2023
Reimbursement of Application Form Fees (Office Order) November,22 ,2023
Vide Circular No. Estab/LD/852 dated 23.06.2022 (Office Order) November,14 ,2023
Dr. Uzma Akhtar Khan (Office Order) November,10 ,2023
Prof. Saleena K. Basheer (Office Order) November,10 ,2023
Circular regarding Holiday on 13.11.2023 D. No. Estab./LD/1537 Date:09.11.2023 November,9 ,2023
Regarding the grant of Dearness Allowance to the Jamia Hamdard Employees (Office Order) November,9 ,2023
Circular regarding Wearing of Id-Card is Mandatory for Teachers, Students and staff of Jamia Hamdard November,08 ,2023
Regarding appointment of Nodal Officer for Swachhata Sewa Campaign of MoE, GoI (Office Order) November,08 ,2023
Mr. Kishwar Khan (Office Order) October,31 ,2023
License Fee Office Order September,29 ,2023
Prof. Farheen Siddiqui (Office Order) September,11,2023
Circular - 08.09.2023 Holiday September,1,2023
Office Order Estab/LD/827 May,31,2023
Office Order Estab/LD/682 May,10,2023
HoDs Office Order March,15,2023
Office Order LTC Feb,10,2023
Office Order Estab/LD/225 Feb,10,2023
Office Oredr Estab/LD/226 Feb,10,2023
Office order_Power of Director Jan,11,2023
Office order_Head Jan,11,2023
Office Order_Prof.Mumtaj Alalm Jan,10,2023
Office Order (EOI) Nov,02,2022
Office Order (Rehablitation Centre) Oct,18,2022
Estab/LD/1043 Aug,02,2022
Office Order reg. CIF-TEM Charges Aug,18,2022
Office Order (Prof. Iqbal Alam)  
D.No. Estab/LD/504 April,26,2022
Dr. Musarat Fatima (Office Order) April,12,2022
Dr. M. Jamshed (Office Order) April,12,2022
regarding opening of Jamia Hamdard Campus for different Academic Programmes on offline mode. Feb,16,2022
Circular reg. Reopening of Jamia Hamdard Feb,16,2022
Dr. Sohrab Jan,28,2022
Dr. Ruchi Jan,28,2022
Dr. Nishat Jan,28,2022
University Order Jan,10 2022
D.No. Estab/LD/1098 NOV,05,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/1071 Oct,28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/1044 Oct,22,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/913,916,917 Sep,22,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/904,905,906,896 Sep 17,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/860 Sep 10,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/855 Sep 09,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/858 Sep 09,2021
Office order IP Management Advisory committee Aug 26,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ Aug 03,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ July 28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ July 28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ July 28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/603 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/06 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/72 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/585 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/513 Jun 30,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/432 Jun 07,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/56 Jan 21,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/57 Jan 21,2021
University Order Regarding Drivers and Workers  engaged by the University Staff.   

D.No. Estab/LD/109

Feb 05,2021
LTC and medical reimbursement

D.No. Estab/LD/105

Feb 05,2021