University Order Jan,10 2022
D.No. Estab/LD/1098 NOV,05,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/1071 Oct,28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/1044 Oct,22,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/913,916,917 Sep,22,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/904,905,906,896 Sep 17,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/860 Sep 10,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/855 Sep 09,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/858 Sep 09,2021
Office order IP Management Advisory committee Aug 26,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ Aug 03,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ July 28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ July 28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/ July 28,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/603 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/06 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/72 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/585 July 15,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/513 Jun 30,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/432 Jun 07,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/56 Jan 21,2021
D.No. Estab/LD/57 Jan 21,2021
University Order Regarding Drivers and Workers  engaged by the University Staff.   

D.No. Estab/LD/109

Feb 05,2021
LTC and medical reimbursement

D.No. Estab/LD/105

Feb 05,2021